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This is a letter addressed to propose that I, Annette Kinship, in which all the skills my life has allowed, gain your attention. To what degree I am not sure. To the need, I am as of now unaware. I will outline my life experiences, jobs, gained skills, and studies. I am looking to gain a financial freedom and to gift my knowledge and love to others

To start I will speak of who I see myself as, and the facts. My name stated above is my true first name. The last name is the purposed name my son Logan and I pulled from the dictionary to incorporate our desire to live by a thought and to give me a professional name which indicates a new status of who I am in the business world and reputation.


At this time I am a single mother, and woman. During the course of 31 years I birthed seven children. All of which are wonderful and beautiful. As I am privileged to be named their mother, you too would be privileged to meet them. Later I may share their names and more about them. The time spent as a single mom while challenging, caused many reasons to learn several of the skills I have gained. Other skills were a part of my child hood. Others were a desire to learn or to have qualifications to be sure I could give my fullest to others, and still, or also have financial prosperity.

As of 2011, my responsibility for children at home is caring for and raising my youngest two, who are now 16 years of age and 19 years of age. This has qualified me for more time to better my skills in the health field and arts.

I will begin with my life as a child, and the schooling and jobs during life with my mom and dad. Even as some of those jobs played a part in my adult hood, also.

As a child we learned to work diligent, yet with joy, vibrant and together. The pay was mostly the reward of the happiness of others presented with our service and product. My dad, now a retired minister, yet still serving within his realm, as teaching about God and helping others, is a life time service. My mom also continues her service to others within her ministerial function. Their example and love is who I see as me.


I. At the age of 8 my work life began. My mother and father realized that living on a ministers salary had little to offer a family of 13. Themselves, 7 sons and 4 daughters. This then took them into the restaurant called The Deer Path Restaurant of New Berlin, New York, Where at age 8 I helped bake and prep cook, washed dishes, waited on people at the counter, possibly eating more homemade Boston cream donuts than selling. And my official job description was Pie Girl for the 'Smörgåsbords.' I served the pies and desserts while also helping seat people and bring them from their cars, or to their cars with an umbrella if it was raining.

At approximately 11 years of age my parents purchased the Bauders Motel, later renamed after my dads last name, Benoit's Motel. Also purchased was the restaurant in the Grand Union Shopping Plaza of Utica, N.Y. Added on to the motel was a double wide trailer turned into a coffee shop and dinner with organ to entertain ones thoughts. Some time in there we also became owners of the Cassaboom Restaurant and Inn.

My jobs and responsibilities: Prep cook for buffets, smörgåsbords, and short order

Dish washer and bus girl




Manager (when dad and mom were away)

Motel overseer and guest registration

Miniature golf coordinator and overseer

Motel room-maid

Cashier/ and Artist for Holidays


All of the restaurant food was homemade therefore the prep and cooking was peeling 50 lb. Bags of carrots not opening the cans, and even cutting and deveining the butts for steaks, and cutting the pork chops, while also learning to decorate wedding cakes. There was placing orders and joking around with family and answering employees questions, as well. During this time to keep things nice of course we learned to paint, and construct.

Later several of those businesses were closed to open a large restaurant with convention and banquet rooms. I married and became a mom, working still, although I became a Sambos' Restaurant waitress employee for a couple of years. (At the age of 16 through 18.) During the years of age 8 to 18 I was care taker of my 2 youngest brothers and the organists children as well as for other families.

Summary: Restaurant and Motel - Family owned from 8 to 18 years of age; all of the above list

Sambos' Restaurant - From 16 years of age to18; Waitress

Other Restaurant and hotel work over the years as an adult during children rearing:

Sambos' - not sure of years or age; waitress and cook

Greek Restaurant- Downtown Utica for 1 year, age 19; waitress

Bahia Mar of Ft. Laud. Age 24; waitress

French Bistro of Sunrise, Fl. for 9 months during my late 20's; waitress (a

mom of 5 at this time)


+Other related work over the years: Catering- from rotary kitchens, etc. for weddings grand openings and other. Wedding cake decorator and horsdeurves, also main meals in buffet style.



II. Custom Sewing / upholstery, drapery and more - studies: through sisters and mom

home economics

& self taught

A. Youth, and Adult

  • clothing designing or following patterns

  • designing and making wedding dresses and brides maid gowns

  • worked in a dry cleaning shop for repairs and tailoring/ (even Air Force winter clothing for Rome City base) At 19 years of age

B. Adult: 23 - 30 years of age

  • Box cushion work

  • additional wedding gown designing and making

  • still making other clothing, and designing baby blankets and pillow sets, while making scrunchies and other items to be sold at stores and arts and craft festivals

  1. C. Age 30 to 43 /or the year 2002 (with the exception of special requests over the past years after coming to the health field)

  • Upholstery and Drapery Bus. - For a salon first, and pieces of furniture in Ft. Laud. Fl.; then after 1991 clientele in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Bayhill, Windermere, Kissimee, Dr. Phillips, Lake Mary, and Altamonte of Central Florida

  • Commercial work for the Radisson Hotel, Le Peep Restaurant, Country Clubs, Howard Johnsons, Dr's. offices and a Sea World Restaurant of Central Fl.


III. Poetic Living Décor - Interior Decorating After several years of Custom sewing request for me to choose furniture, accessories, paint, flooring and all interior decorating began. I was laborer and decorator along with hiring others to do so.


  • faux and mural painting

  • upholstery and drapery

  • wall hangings and hanging them

  • dry flower arrangements

  • flooring: wood, carpet and tile

  • furniture placement

  • lighting and more


During the course of time I was given full kitchen and bathrooms to tear down and redesign (laborer and contractor) including what towels to place. I consider myself a master upholsterer. I designed furniture and built it, along with cornice boards and ottomans. Specializing in antique upholstery and wood finishing.


Others areas of related product and service was the purchase and sale of verticals and blinds, fabrics and other drapery needs or upholstery supplies of major companies. Having also learned to measure and or hang for such sales or purchases.

*also set up a design studio at Bana Furniture for said purchases and service in 1999 before going to school for massage


  1. IV. Health Solutions

A. Massage Therapy *Graduated from Florida College of Natural Health


  • Licensed, and Certified in other related CEU's for 6 years

  • Specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Studies and certs. In Swedish massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Neuromuscular and more

  • Anatomist

B. Health and Fitness Instructor

  • YMCA certified aerobic and fitness instructor (inc. yoga ball, silver sneakers, water aerobics, and step, and Pilate's since 2000

  • American fitness Instructor and program director in Rochester N.Y. at age 19, also had an aerobic bus. in a karate studio, and home classes when necessary for friends to keep myself fit while child bearing

  • Currently certified in Yoga through AAA & ISMA

  • As of may 2011 certified in the Supreme Science of Qi Gong


C. Other Alternative Health Studies Not necessarily certified

  • cleansing (detox), fasting, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and food quality

  • vegetarianism, vegan, fruititarian and macrobiotic diets

  • acupressure/ acupuncture

  • chiropractic

  • holistic approaches

  • osteopathic

  • physical fitness

  • physical therapy

  • air and water

* CPR and First Aid Certified (Red Cross)


Upon graduating in 2001 - I began my career in massage renting space in a chiropractors office and health and fitness at the YMCA in Deltona, Fl. Also, was making home visits for massage therapy.

2002 I began designing my own approach to water aerobics and pilates, and massage with in country clubs while still working for the Deltona, and Orange City YMCA. Still doing house calls for massage.

2003 Placed Walking Hands Massage business in the walls of a local art gallery/ recording studio/ Deltona art and Historical Center, Deltona, FL.

2005 Placed Walking Hands Massage in the Physical Place, of Orange City, Fl.

2006 Moved to Bradenton, Fl. Commuted to Orange City, the Physical Place till July 7th, 2007 while opening a clinic in Downtown, Bradenton for Walking Hands Massage, and La Pierre Rene Studio of body works (YOGA and PILATES)

2007 - July 7th some commuting since then but twisted and sprained my right knee/ put me 3 months in a brace and on crutches; another month to recover and find clients again

2007 - Nov. -2008 August :Yoga and Pilate's in Ruskin, at the Riverside Country Club

Yoga at Lifestyles Fitness ( sub water aerobics and silver sneakers)

Private Yoga sessions

2008 - January: Begin Yoga classes/ February: Walking Hands Massage in the Palmetto Art Center

2008 - August: Continued with Lifestyles Family Fitness. {Built a commercial/and residential window washing business with Mark Andrew(my partner) while recovering from a tragedy}

2009 - to present Life styes Family Fitness

Private clients/ designing new health habits(such as exercise and other) and making healthy foods for them

2011 - certified in Qi Gong





V. Art & Music

A.. Captured Moments Portraits

  • Graphite Pencil portraits of Presidents, friends, family, actors and other famous people/ commissions and fun

  • animals, plants and flowers

B. Acrylic

  • Varied pieces

  • Mural and Faux paint on walls of homes, and stone work (painted to look like)

C. Art Instructor

  • Adult and Childrens art classes

  • Mediums taught - graphite pencil, acrylic, and pastel

  • Art Pieces displayed in Deltona Arts and Historical Center - Mine and class participants

  • Opening Art Gallery in The Village of the Arts In January, 2008

*The graphite Pencil portrait of President Reagan, by myself has been excepted to present to the Secretary of Treasury upon a decision being made to place Pres. Ronald Reagan on currency in the future.

D. Music

  • Harmony for the Children's Heart CD produced in Deltona Art and Historical Center recording studio/ sung by myself, instrumental by Frank Starchak

  • Cover is Natilie and Brianna one of my Graphite pieces

VI. Other qualifications, studies or beliefs that may be of interest


  • as stated before babysitter for my 2 youngest brothers growing up (they were 5 and 6 years younger than I)

  • birth mother of 7 children's

  • health seminar to 5th graders in 1997

  • instructor of art

  • 1991 to 1994 care taker of children's room in womans health and fitness of Orlando while building Custom Sewing Business

  • children's bible fellowships for 15 years off and on

B. Mechanic

  • Sewing machine-some

  • Auto - minor work: brake pads and drums, radiator, alternator, starters, celenoids, tune ups, timing, distributors, head gaskets, water pumps and more

C. Other

  • Home landscaping

  • Exterior painting

  • Business card and flyer designing

  • Wash, dyes, and perms, etc. at Razzmatazz Hair Salon in 1986 to 1987, approximately(40 to 70 hours per week)

  • Home hair cutting for extra money

  • Delivered newspapers in Ft Laud., 7 days per week 2-8 A.M., while building upholstery bus. In Ft. Lauderdale

  • Delivered phone books several times over the years for Christmas money every October

  • Sold Avon for 1 year , in1976 to 1977

  • Distributor Shaklee Nutritional supplements several years/ still participate

  • Arts and craft shows with the children over the years

  • Produce market sales 1976 to 1978 some Saturdays

  • Agnus Cleaning Service - cleaned homes and hired others to clean for me1984 to 1986 approximately

  • Midwifery assistant and lay midwifery approximately 21 babies

  • Receptionist YMCA while going to school for Massage

  • In Sept. 2008 I took a Tax Preparers course at Amscot Tax Prep Office(and H&R blocks in 2009) evvery year since I have worked at Amscot Tax office 1st street Bradenton from January through April 15th and worked private business for taxes during off season


Activities participated in during high school and into adult life: swimming/ race, diving and synchronized; flag twirling for Color guard and football games; dance/ jazz and hip hop; bicycling; basketball; gymnastics; volunteer coach basketball at the YMCA; and studied some Aikido - martial arts


Other interest: I have or participate in: writing books of self help, and some novels gradually

writing poems and songs

readings: (authors) Dale Carnegie-self help

Og Mandino- self help

Robert Gray- health

Prof. Arnold Ehret -health

bible (life time commitment) - self help

Nicholas Sparks -novel

Study of the body- food, anatomy, etc.

Power of Now - Echardt Tolle


Participated in some other areas: 2007 December began co-hosting a talk show / politics 1490 am; 9A.M. Wednesdays

2007 December took Drake Tax Preparers course/ begin with AmScot as Tax Preparer in January 2008, while massage and health and fitness businesses build up and Art Gallery(River of Dreams) becomes known.




Completion of resume for start of 2008/ reedited 2011






Cell 941 565 2807



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